Recycled plastic and compostable paper packaging that are sustainable
Recycled plastic and compostable paper packaging that are sustainable

Why Use Sustainable Packaging in the Food & Beverage Industry?

Why Use Sustainable Packaging in the Food & Beverage Industry?

There’s no doubt that there are plenty of benefits to utilizing sustainable food packaging products within the food and beverage industry. Still, lots of businesses and consumers might not know about them. Let’s review why you’ll want the advantages that sustainable food packaging provides and the direct and indirect consequences of not using eco-friendly packaging. Finally, we explain the relationship between recyclables, compostables, and sustainability, pointing out the terms’ similarities and differences.

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Why You Should Use Sustainable Packaging in the Food & Beverage Industry

As you look at the eco-friendly packaging advantages, here are five reasons why you need to make the switch to a greener product.

  • Reduce carbon footprint – With the right food packaging materials, you can help the environment.
  • Gain more storage and space – Food-grade sustainable packaging comes in a way that’s easier to store and pack, leaving more room and reducing transportation costs.
  • No allergens or toxins – Biodegradable packaging is often allergy- and toxin-free.
  • Uses fewer resources – To create eco-friendly products, fewer resources are used in sustainable packages.
  • Increases sales – One of the benefits of sustainable packaging that you might not have thought about is the increase in sales as you appeal to other like-minded individuals who are only becoming more and more environmentally-savvy.

The Benefits of Sustainable Food Grade Packaging

Among the top benefits of sustainability is the lessened effect you can have on the environment. By reducing the carbon footprint of your company, you quickly see the advantages of sustainable food packaging. When you reduce the trash that ends up in the landfill, you also enjoy the benefits of recycling and compostable packaging. Plus, these products are better for your customers and should increase sales among other individuals that care for the environment. In the end, you save money due to the benefits of sustainable logistics.

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Repercussions & Consequences of Not Using Sustainable Food Packaging

Plastic and paper packaging waste that is not recycled or composted polluting the ocean and washing up on a foreign shore
Plastic and paper food packaging waste that can’t be easily recycled or composted due to non-sustainability polluting the ocean and washing up on a distant shore.

On the flip side of the advantages of eco-friendly products, you can see what happens when you don’t focus on sustainability. Your company continues contributing to the problem, which causes issues, some of which might not be reversible, for future generations to cope with and handle. Well-educated consumers, and those that simply care and want to do their part, might even stop using your company because of the poor food packaging practices you endorse. It’s clear that the benefits of eco-friendly plastic far outweigh any small cost or transition you might face.

If My Packaging is Recyclable or Compostable, Does that Make it Sustainable?

Recyclable products are those that were manufactured with recycled materials. Compostable products are meant to break down in a compost system, industrial or residential, at the end of their life. Sustainable products are those that can be produced and consumed without resulting in further destruction or harm. One sustainable packaging benefit is that it will be recyclable or compostable, but the opposite is not valid. In fact, there are many recyclable and compostable products on the market today that are not sustainable.

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Sustainable Recycled Plastic & Compostable Paper Food-Safe Packaging Solutions

Certified compostable paper products at Greener Shapes made from bamboo or bagasse
Certified sustainable paper packaging products made from bamboo or bagasse that are recyclable and compostable from Greener Shapes.

At Greener Shapes, we believe in serving the environment through our unique food and beverage packaging designs. All of our food and beverage products are sustainable, recyclable, and compostable. We have a variety of containers to hold your leafy greens, hot coffee, or delicious soup. We are proud to be one of the few companies that use compostable paper products made from bamboo or bagasse that are also recyclable for your convenience. It’s rare to find a compostable paper product on the market that is also recyclable. We do supply custom orders and designs as well if you need something that we don’t showcase on the website. Contact Greener Shapes below!