Sustainable PET recycled plastic and compostable paper packaging products at Greener Shapes that recyclable and compostable
Sustainable PET recycled plastic and compostable paper packaging products at Greener Shapes that recyclable and compostable

What is Sustainable Food Packaging & Why is it Important?

What is Sustainable Food Packaging & Why is it Important?

Let’s talk about sustainable packaging in the food industry and why you should care. There are two main types of sustainable, eco-friendly products in the food packaging industry: recyclable plastic and compostable paper. Here we look at the benefits of these sustainable food packaging products, why some so-called eco-friendly packaging solutions on the market don’t offer the advantages they claim, and where to turn if you want food packaging that is truly environmentally safe and sustainable.

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What is Sustainable Food Packaging?

Sustainable food packaging involves the creation and development of packaging solutions that improve sustainability across the board. Eco-friendly food packaging must increase the life cycle inventory and life cycle assessment and reduce their environmental impact and ecological footprint to be considered sustainable.

Why is it Important for All Food Packaging to Be Sustainable?

There’s a dire need for environmentally friendly packaging in the food industry, especially with so many more people getting take out. Think about all the trash piling up in landfills and the alarming amount of microplastics building up in our oceans. By choosing food-grade eco-friendly packaging that is both recyclable and compostable, we can reduce the environmental impact and reduce our ecological footprint. The result is an improved quality of life for humans, ecosystems, and the planet. Using sustainable green packaging improves the health of the ocean and the world. As a business or an individual, we all need to re-evaluate our packaging choices and the sustainable packaging companies we partner with when we go green.

Why isn’t All Food Packaging Sustainable?

Sustainable food and beverage packaging seems like it should be a clear-cut decision. After all, we’ve moved away from glass and aluminum as a society, so what could be the problem. Why can’t we move on from non-recyclable plastics? Most of it boils down to education, and sadly, profit margins. Businesses and consumers aren’t aware of how to compost or recycle their packaging materials (that is, if they are sustainable, to begin with), so they get thrown into the landfill or end up in our oceans. This doesn’t help anyone. For a long time, companies forced the responsibility of recycling and composting on the consumer. It is the food and beverage industry’s responsibility to invest in sustainable food packaging solutions while educating its consumers. Hence, consumers understand how to recycle and compost your packaging and know that your product can easily be recycled or composted in a curbside bin.

Food and beverage companies shouldn’t make it harder for the consumer to recycle or compost their packaging products. Shifting the responsibility and blame to the consumer is unethical and doesn’t help reduce our landfills’ sizes or reduce the plastics in the ocean. With so much plastic and trash piling up globally, these companies have an obligation to consumers and the world to be completely sustainable and eco-friendly.

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How to Tell if the Food Packaging You Ordered is Truly Sustainable

If you want genuinely sustainable food packaging, it’s essential you know what materials are actually used in food packaging products and what processes are implemented. Don’t be afraid to ask the supplier what the process looks like and the type of paper or plastic used in their packaging solutions. You’ll want to know if the material is compostable or recyclable and ask what that means. Just because the packaging is recyclable or compostable doesn’t mean the entire product will biodegrade or be used to create a new product. Get the answers you need to ensure you support and partner with a truly sustainable food packaging company.

Which Types of Plastic & Paper Packaging are Actually Sustainable?

Graphic showing the index of Recycling Symbols with numbers for different types of recycled plastic materials

Even if a sustainable product is being used, the coating used on top of it could change its status. That’s why you need to know what paper and plastic are used in the packaging products you order. For example, at Greener Shapes, we use PET #1 recyclable plastic and pressed/constructed paper products made from bamboo and bagasse with a bio-based compostable coating. If you are looking at plastic food packaging, only containers labeled with #1 or #2 can be recycled at your local recycling facility. Plastic products with the numbers 3, 6, and 7 that you send off to your local recycling facility typically end up back in the trash or contaminate other recyclables with the 1 or 2 labels in your curbside bin to the point where they can’t be recycled either.

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At Greener Shapes, we take sustainable food packaging seriously. It’s our mission to change how the food and beverage industry packages its products. Not only do we make handy containers out of the most recycled plastic in the world, but we utilize compostable paper packaging products that can be composted or recycled. If you are a business looking to take the green pledge and want all of your food packaging to be completely sustainable, talk to us about your needs today!

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