Tamper-Evident Lid Closure Technology for Square Plastic Containers

Tamper-Evident Lid Closure Technology for Square Plastic Containers

With the patent-pending Tamper-Evident lid closure technology from Greener Shapes, you gain more control over your food packaging. We will show you what these recyclable Tamper-Evident lids are made from, how they work, and what benefits you can expect.

What is the Tamper-Evident Re-Sealable Lid from Greener Shapes?

  • Easy and safe to open!
  • 2-piece design.
  • Resealable and recyclable.
  • Hand pack or machine pack.
  • Less material = less waste + lower cost.

Our square, clear plastic food containers are topped off with our patent-pending Tamper-Evident lids. These clear PET recyclable plastic lids make our recyclable square plastic food containers easier and safer to open for your customers. Plus, they can be machine or hand-packed, making your food packaging process easier and versatile. With less material and less waste, you can expect a lower overall cost. When you want wholesale plastic square containers with lids, you’ll see the clear difference Greener Shapes can make.

Why You Should Use the Tamper-Evident Lid for Food Packaging Needs

When you need square plastic food containers with lids, consider the Tamper-Evident re-sealable lid design benefits. All of our plastic products, such as this lid, are entirely recyclable. We manufacture our clear plastic food containers and lids from PET #1 recycled plastic. This is a great sustainable option for those who don’t want to invest in the high cost of film seal machinery and for those interested in an easier-to-open tamper-evident package. By using PET recycled plastic, you’re helping your customers avoid landfills by using the most recycled product in the world.

The Benefits of Our Patent-Pending Tamper-Evident Lid Closure for Food Packaging

  • Patent Pending “button lock” Tamper-Evident resealable lid.
  • “No jam” stack design.
  • Hand-packed or machine-packed.
  • Material: APET with post-consumer content.
  • Made with PCR PET plastic.
  • Easier and safer to open thanks to the tamper-evident design.

With our patent-pending Tamper-Evident lids, your business and your customers receive many benefits. First, they can hold various produce, from leafy greens and spring mix to assorted fruit and garlic. Additionally, the recyclable design of these bulk plastic containers with lids ensures that your consumers can easily recycle them in their household curbside bins. Our unique re-sealable plastic lids are easy to open and assure your consumers that the product hasn’t been tampered with for more peace of mind.

Patented Tamper Evident seal “No jam” stack design

How is the Tamper-Evident Lid Closure Different from Film-Sealed Food Containers?

How is the Tamper-Evident Lid Closure Different from Film-Sealed Food Containers?

We know you have a lot of options when looking at recycled plastic packaging. However, ours are the greener, safer option and provide more advantages. Unlike the design of plastic lids and containers from other companies, our packaging materials are sustainable and recyclable, even the lid. We construct all of our lids from recycled PET #1 plastic. Not only is this material food-safe, but it’s also re-sealable. With the tamper-evident closure, your customers know that the food is secure and safe. In contrast, while film-sealed PET plastic containers are completely food-safe and recyclable, they can’t be resealed or hand-packed. Film-sealed containers must be machine-packed and can be harder to open.

Which PET Plastic Food Containers Utilize the Tamper-Evident Lids?

Our Tamper-Evident lids are only available with our square PET plastic containers. You can choose from the standard 43 oz. or 55 oz. square plastic containers we offer or contact us to design a custom container for your business. The food packaging options from Greener Shapes help you reduce overall production costs and support a healthy environment. If that’s not enough, our tamper-evident lids allow for easier packing, opening, and recycling. No matter what size square container you need, the tamper-evident lid will create a better design for you. Talk to us about your needs. Remember, if you don’t see the format you need, we can make it for you.