Collage of diagonal placed sustainable paper items such as paper bags, straws, cups, envelopes, forks, knives, spoons, among others
Collage of diagonal placed sustainable paper items such as paper bags, straws, cups, envelopes, forks, knives, spoons, among others

Sustainable Packaging Designs + Examples for Food & Beverages

Sustainable Packaging Designs + Examples for Food & Beverages

The food packaging industry has started shifting to sustainable designs, and here at Greener Shapes, nothing makes us happier. When it comes to a sustainable packaging design, you might wonder what it is about particular food packaging designs that make them eco-friendly and sustainable. Let’s answer this question and show you some sustainable packaging examples you can build from if you need to create your own design. Plus, we show you what to avoid in the design process when looking for sustainable food package design inspiration.

Design Custom Sustainable Packaging

What Makes the Design of Food Packaging Sustainable?

A sustainable food packaging design consists of products that don’t hurt the environment from start to finish. The best sustainable packaging design is going to include products that are recyclable and compostable. With today’s technology, most food packaging ideas can be made from sustainable materials. Since sustainability won’t hinder your creativity and vision, there’s no reason not to design an eco-friendly package.

How to Design & Create Sustainable Food Packaging Solutions

To create sustainable packaging in the food industry, you must first evaluate your needs, such as which of your products need more eco-friendly packaging. Are you hoping to package hot beverages or leafy greens? The material that you use for the two will be different from the other. Now that you know the purpose, it’s time to choose the sustainable materials that will provide the secure hold required. Remember, these materials must be recyclable and/or compostable to be sustainable. It would be best to decide how large the eco-friendly food packaging must be and what shape is best for storage or stacking.

Sustainable Food Packaging Design Examples

Here are just a few of the many great ideas if you need inspiration for sustainable packaging designs. These are not in any order, like best to worst or something like that, but are just some honorable mentions we would like to point out.

1. Nextrus Boneless Shrink Bags

Nextrus boneless shrink wrap bags for packaging meat and cheese

Nextrus boneless shrink bags for meat and cheese packaging.

2. Greener Shapes Leafy Green PET Plastic Containers

Recyclable PET plastic food containers for leafy greens at Greener Shapes sustainable packaging company

Greener Shapes leafy green plastic containers made from PET/PETE #1 recycled plastic, the most recycled plastic in the world.

3. Whole Foods Bakery Trays

Compostable paper food trays and boxes by Whole Foods for their baked goods

Whole Foods compostable paper trays and boxes for baked goods.

4. Greener Shapes Compostable Paper Bowls

Compostable paper bowls for soup, hummus, and dips that are both recyclable and compostable at Greener Shapes sustainable packaging company

Greener Shapes compostable paper bowls with or without lids that can be recycled or composted in your curbside bin.

5. Waitrose Pasta Boxes

Waitrose red lentil and green pea pasta boxes made from salvaged food waste

Waitrose pasta boxes made from salvaged food waste.

What to Avoid When Designing Sustainable Food-Safe Packaging

As you set out to create sustainable food packaging, there are a few things you must avoid.

  • Research all materials carefully. You don’t want to find out that a product is recyclable but not compostable or, worse yet, not sustainable. Opt for natural materials, such as bamboo or bagasse paper.
  • Avoid large packaging volume. You want to keep the package size as small as possible for the application. A smaller package allows you to preserve space and materials.
  • One-stop shopping. You don’t want to go with the first company you find. As with anything else, you should choose a food packaging manufacturer after doing some serious vetting and interviewing.

Design Your Own Sustainable Food Packaging Prototype with Greener Shapes

At Greener Shapes, we offer various sustainable food packaging products that may already meet your needs. If you require something else, we can customize design food packaging for you. We are experts in the sustainable food packaging industry, so you know that your creation is safe with us.

Our team will listen to your needs and help you come up with an appropriate solution. We can ensure that food packaging fits your brand and even includes your logo. We want this eco-friendly food packaging to be an extension of your company and personality. Schedule your consultation today and see what a difference Greener Shapes can make. Contact us below!