Compostable paper packaging supplies that consumers are increasingly demanding more of to stop polluting landfills and oceans
Compostable paper packaging supplies that consumers are increasingly demanding more of to stop polluting landfills and oceans

Consumer Demand for Greener Packaging: Why People Want More Sustainable Packages

Consumer Demand for Greener Packaging: Why People Want More Sustainable Packages

Do consumers care about the environment? Absolutely! In every area of life, including food packaging, consumers are looking for ways to help the world around them. How can consumers help the environment? We look at what is causing the demand for greener packaging and how to be a sustainable consumer.

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What is Driving the Demand Behind Consumer Needs for Sustainable Packaging?

Devastating image of a massive landfill with dump trucks moving mountains of non-sustainable, non-recyclable plastic waste with smoke stacks polluting the air in the background

You will find more consumers buying sustainable products, but what is driving the green packaging demand? Consumers want sustainable products because they have become more aware of climate change, pollution, trouble with landfills, ocean waste, and more. It’s hard to ignore and not feel somewhat responsible for the devasting scenes of ocean life tangled up in plastic waste and the towering mountains that landfills are becoming across the globe. As consumer views on sustainability continue changing, the food packaging choices available to them must continue to meet their needs.

How Consumers Benefit from Green & Sustainable Packaging

The consumer preference for sustainable products continues to rise because of the many benefits. With genuinely sustainable food packaging, it’s easier than ever for everyone to do their part. Sustainable beverage packaging and food containers help keep waste out of landfills and oceans, making it simple for consumers to recycle or compost when needed.

How Businesses Benefit from Green & Sustainable Packaging

When businesses listen to the consumers’ sustainable packaging needs, it also receives benefits. First, the company does its part to help the environment in tandem with the consumer. Aside from helping the environment, it shows consumers that your business cares about the environment. Yet, it can often be more cost-effective to choose sustainable and green food packaging items as you benefit from using fewer materials and producing less waste. Finally, the brand receives a boost to its integrity and keeps its reputation intact. In the end, more green-focused consumers will turn to the greener brands for their supplies.

How are the World, Countries, and Local Governments Responding to Demand for Greener Packaging?

Governments around the world are responding to the public concern about packaging waste. There is an outcry to stop contributing to single-use plastic packaging waste as regulations continue to minimize the impact. In the United States alone, governments have begun banning the use of plastic bags in some regions. Additionally, there has been a push to increase recycling efforts. In the future, we plan to see more legislation revolving around keeping our earth clean.

As a Business, What Do You Need in Place Before Switching to Sustainable Packaging?

Before you switch your food packaging to sustainable, green options, you want to consider the transition. At Greener Shapes, we can help with this process in the following ways:

  1. We work with you to create a clear methodology for benchmarking packaging products based on cost-effectiveness, convenience, and sustainability.
  2. Looking at the entire product portfolio, we help you understand the total value and opportunity at stake that results from using sustainable packaging solutions.
  3. By creating the right partnerships and using appropriate resources, we provide the consumer with the best information about packaging demands to help them recycle, compost, and promote sustainability.

Greener Shapes Reduces the Ecological Impact of Your Business with Greener & Sustainable Packaging Solutions

PET plastic recyclable food containers sold at Greener Shapes where you have greener options for your food packaging needs

Greener Shapes is committed to helping businesses switch to sustainable, eco-friendly packaging products across the food and beverage industry. Our sustainable packaging reduces your company’s ecological footprint while meeting the demands your consumers have for greener packaging. Talk to us today about our recyclable and compostable food packaging solutions.