A young man's hand holding up a drink carton with paper cups beside a spoon and fork that are all compostable
A young man's hand holding up a drink carton with paper cups beside a spoon and fork that are all compostable

Benefits & Advantages of Compostable Food Packaging

Benefits & Advantages of Compostable Food Packaging

With more people switching to compostable food packaging, you might wonder about the eco-friendly advantages of paper packaging. To help you better understand the benefits of compostable packaging, we’ve put together this short guide for you. In it, we reveal the advantages of compostable paper packaging and show you what it can do for your business.

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Compostable Paper Food Packaging Benefits & Advantages

Here are just some of the top advantages of compostable packaging that you should consider for your business, your customers, and the environment.

  • Reduces your carbon footprint.
  • Easy to dispose of and compost.
  • Versatile and reusable (sustainable).
  • Improves your brand’s image.
  • Reduces the use of harmful plastics (single-use plastics).
  • Reduces shipping costs.
  • May help you save money.
  • Expands your customer base.

Is Compostable Paper Packaging the Most Sustainable, Eco-Friendly Packaging Solution for Food & Beverages?

Yes. Compostable food packaging isn’t just easy to work with but also great for the environment. One of the benefits of eco-friendly products is that compostable paper doesn’t take up room in landfills as other biodegradable and non-biodegradable products do. Instead, it can be dropped off at an industrial composting facility and turned into something good for the earth. Another advantage of compostable paper products is that they can be turned into almost anything, perfect for holding food and drinks securely.

Is Compostable Paper Food Packaging Also Biodegradable?

Image showing different green logos one for compostable, one for biodegradable, and one for recyclable

One of the benefits of compostable food packaging is that all of it is biodegradable. However, the same cannot be said about all biodegradable items being compostable. A product that is labeled as biodegradable means it will degrade over time with the help of algae, fungi, and bacteria and be turned into organic matter. Being labeled as compostable refers to a human-intervened process that recycles organic waste for reuse faster than biodegradation at scale. Many items, even plastics, are biodegradable, but the issue is how long it takes for those items to decompose, leading to preventable pollution and over-populated landfills. Some biodegradable items take centuries to break down entirely, but most take between 3-6 months. The issue with most biodegradable products is that biodegradables only lessen the environmental impact if disposed of properly at facilities that regulate temperature, moisture, and air levels.

When handled properly, a composting facility can break down compostable goods in just a few months. Compostable paper products can biodegrade naturally, but it takes longer to decompose than to compost at a facility. Compostable products are more sustainable and eco-friendlier due to the reusability, versatility, and reduced ecological impact. The result of composting (which can be done at home but recommended to be done at a commercial facility) is a healthy nutrient-rich soil that allows organic carbon to return to the earth and reduce greenhouse gases.

Are There Certain Types of Paper Food Packaging That Aren’t Compostable?

Yes. If you have paper food packaging with either a plastic or foil covering, it will not be compostable. Many companies use these types of food packaging products, especially with take-along coffee cups or single-use items. Some of them might be recyclable, depending on the particular coating used, but those coatings will not decompose and be compostable.

How Compostable Paper Packaging Benefits Your Business, Environment, and Economy

a proud, happy young couple eating some noodles and a salad out of compostable paper bowls

Among the advantages of paper food packaging, your business can flourish by switching to these sustainable products. We already know the compostable food packaging benefits for the environment, but have you thought about the impact on your business? Savvy consumers, and the consumers of tomorrow, are searching for greener companies that care about the environment due to an increasing demand for greener packaging. By switching to compostable paper food packaging, you appeal to this group of customers. Some other advantages of compostable food packaging include a reduced cost to the business. If you can save money while attracting new customers and helping the environment, it’s a win for everyone involved.

Why is Most Compostable Paper Food Packaging Not Recyclable?

The majority of compostable paper food packaging you find offered by companies is not recyclable, and this is typically due to the coatings or films used on paper products. However, to truly benefit the environment, your products must be both compostable and recyclable. Otherwise, you limit your customer’s options for disposal, and your product could end up in a landfill. Make sure that your paper products are using sustainable, bio-based coatings that enable them to be recyclable.

Compostable & Recyclable Paper Packaging for Food & Beverages from Greener Shapes

certified compostable and recyclable paper food packaging from Greener Shapes including paper bowls, cups, lids, and trays

At Greener Shapes, we believe in helping the environment with sustainable, eco-friendly, and industrial-compostable paper packaging. We offer a variety of compostable and recyclable paper packaging for the food and beverage industry. Our compostable paper products are commercially compostable and curbside bin recyclable (due to our bio-based coatings), making it easy for you to reduce your company’s footprint while also meeting the demands of your customers. Talk to us about your compostable paper food or beverage packaging needs today.

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