Graphic with recyclable PET recycled plastic packaging on the left compared to compostable kraft paper food packaging on the right
Graphic with recyclable PET recycled plastic packaging on the left compared to compostable kraft paper food packaging on the right

Compostable or Recyclable: Which Food Packaging is Best & Why?

Compostable or Recyclable: Which Food Packaging is Best & Why?

They might seem the same, but there is a clear difference between recyclable and compostable food packaging. While both are considered eco-friendly food packaging, you might be wondering which is best for packaging your food and beverage products. Let’s review both compostable and recyclable packaging options to determine which is best for your food packaging needs.

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Compostable Paper Food Packaging: Why Use It?

Compostable paper packaging is made from material that will decompose into soil-building nutrients. These products will not end up in the landfills but are instead created to be composted at an industrial composting facility, where they will be turned into something that benefits our earth. Some compostable food packaging paper products can be disposed of in an at-home composting bin, but not all.

Clear Advantages of Compostable Food Packaging

Several examples of compostable paper food packaging products showing cups, bowls, and trays by Greener Shapes - an eco-friendly food packaging company

Compostable paper food packaging offers several benefits, including:

  • Reducing your carbon footprint.
  • Sustainable, reusable, and versatile.
  • Easy to dispose of (compost).
  • Improving your brand image.
  • Reducing shipping costs.
  • Reducing harmful plastic waste (single-use plastics).
  • Helping you save money.
  • Expanding your customer base.
  • Less landfills and cleaner oceans.

Recyclable Plastic/Paper Food Packaging: Why Use It?

As you look at the best recyclable food containers, made from either recycled PETE plastic or kraft paper, you see that these are also good for the environment. To stand out amongst your peers, it’s essential that you select the best recycled PETE plastic food containers when paper containers are not an option. Not only are these materials easy to recycle, but they can also be reused in a myriad of ways.

Clear Advantages of Recyclable Food Packaging

Several examples of recyclable PET plastic food packaging products showing both rectangular and square containers by Greener Shapes - an eco-friendly food packaging company

Recyclable plastic food packaging is going to help you preserve your food or beverages. Plus, you can use the plastic container as a great display feature or marketing tool. The recyclable plastic food containers are also safe to transport, making them a top choice for busy companies. Here are some benefits:

  • Preserve food/beverage products longer.
  • Great display and branding features.
  • Safer to transport with a stronger material.
  • Reduces pollution and promotes a sustainable lifestyle.
  • Lessen reliance on fossil fuels.
  • Reduce the use of natural resources.
  • Less landfills and cleaner oceans.

Compostable or Recyclable Food Packaging: Is One Truly Better Than The Other?

There are benefits to buying either the best compostable paper bowls or recyclable plastic containers, making it difficult to decide between compostable or recyclable food packaging. Ideally, you have to determine what’s best for your company and which packaging will meet your needs. There are times when recyclable PETE plastic will be the obvious choice for most of your food packaging, while compostable paper will be used for other products. In a perfect world where everything is entirely recyclable and compostable in every city and country worldwide, and where the benefits of both packaging types are identical, there is no clear choice (either would be fine).

Unfortunately, we don’t live in a perfect world. Recyclable plastic is often the better choice because there are more recycling facilities and local programs worldwide, as opposed to composting facilities, making it easier to recycle and plastic offers more strength in your packaging. However, compostable paper is more eco-friendly, can be broken down faster naturally, and is more sustainable. Plus, compostable products can enrich the earth instead of causing potential harm if not disposed of properly. If you need help figuring out the best wholesale paper bowls to buy or you aren’t sure if recycled plastic will fit your needs, talk to our helpful team.

Compostable vs. Recyclable Food Packaging: Either Option is Better Than the Alternative

Whether you find wholesale paper cups to buy or you choose recyclable PET plastic, either option is better than the standard food packaging materials out there. By selecting these two materials, you are doing your part to help the environment and reduce pollution. If you were to choose products that aren’t compostable or recyclable, you would be damaging the environment, increasing our ecological footprint, and hurting the earth’s living things.

Greener Shapes Has Both Compostable & Recyclable Packaging for Food & Beverages

Graphic showing greener packaging options from Greener Shapes offering both compostable paper and recyclable PET plastic food packaging containers

At Greener Shapes, we believe in producing sustainable, eco-friendly, and industrial-compostable food packaging solutions for the food and beverage industry. We can show you how to reduce your business’s ecological footprint and appeal to more customers. Talk to us about your sustainable, recyclable, and compostable food packaging needs today.